F.O.K.S., my knitting SOCKS!

I was a latent sock knitter for the longest time... 

Meaning that I never knit socks but knew that I would love to start knitting them. What held me back for the longest time was fear.

Simple god honest fear. I really thought I couldn't do it. 

What a load of crap!

Since then I have had people in my shop tell me that they don't knit sweaters but only socks. They are afraid of sweaters. That they just knit flat, because they are afraid of circular needles. They only buy cheap yarn, they are afraid of pretty yarns and they don't deserve it.  

I was suffering from:



Fear of Knitting Socks


But you know what? I have learned is not as scary if you break it down into small chunks.

All you need to master are these four techniques and I bet you already know how to do them:

  • Knitting in the round you can choose from a bunch of techniques but I’d start with ‘magic loop’.
  • Knit two stitches together. If you don’t know how to do this, just read the sentence: knit. Two stitches. Together. There you go!
  • Increase by knitting in the front and the back of a stitch (kfb). Insert as if to knit, wrap the yarn and pull the yarn through, now instead of slipping it off the needle insert in the back, wrap around, pull through and only then slip off. You’ve got this!
  • Pick up stitches. Basically insert the needle next to the V of the row below


I am assuming here that you know how to cast on and how to cast off.

And this is really all you need to master when you start knitting your first sock.

Funky heels, Funky patterns, Funky Feet…. That’ll all come in time. But a basic pair of socks is the first warm feeted step you need to take. Do it! You’ll become a sock knitter. I have!


I am a

K.W.F.F.O.K.S. now

(Knitter With Former Fear of Knitting Socks) 

These are some great beginners patterns

- Rye socks by Tin Can Knits, a worsted weight, so a lot less finnicky 

- I love this sock ‘recipe’ that you can use on any foot, any size sock, any yarn thickness. A bit of easy math to do but don’t be discouraged, it is a very easy pattern. Generic Sock Pattern by Kate Gilbert (one of my first knitting heroes)


Alternatively it is always faster and more fun to learn from a teacher because your teacher can correct you at the spot and show you how.

  • Find a LYS that teaches you how to knit socks
  • Book a Sock Lesson or a private lesson with teacher Mae. (She will also teach you how to knit two socks at the samet time from the toe up once you've dipped your toes into the warm beginner socks and are ready for more)

Sock it to me!



Pictured: Ja, Wol Wol - Pels 3 dk sockyarn on my kitchen table with the beginning of a toe-up sock. I have come a long way.

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