#18 - Mary Jane Mucklestone - on Fair Isle Knitting and knit and travel

In my podcast A Smaller Life, I talk to makers and business owners in my industry (and sometimes beyond) about making conscious choices and growing your brand by actually going smaller.

In this episode I welcome knitwear designer, teacher and Fair Isle expert Mary Jane Mucklestone.

Mary Jane and myself have briefly met on several occasions when I travelled to Shetland for Shetland Wool Festival, a festival to celebrate the heritage of Shetland Wool and knitting. I was excited to really get some time to talk to her about exactly that, traveling for work, designing and teaching techniques like Fair Isle knitting and what it means to be a a non- Shetlander that is known for this specific technique. Inclusivity in knitting and our excitement to discover, research and then share what we've learned. Listen to a very lovely and knowledgeable, talented knitter that has a lot to share on stranded knitting and Fair Isle knitting in particular.

At Ja, Wol we loved her patterns, we actually did two Knit a Longs (KALs) with her patterns and had so much fun with it. 

This is where you’ll find Mary Jane

Instagram @mjmucklestone
Patterns on Ravelry 

In order to make the podcast available to as many people as possible, here's the transcription (it might have some weird sentences because of the software I use): 

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