#30 - Sarah from Swanky Emu Knits on Size Inclusive Knitting

 "Bodies are bodies in some sense and this is a fat one I currently inhabit."

- Sarah Krentz @ Swanky Emu Knits

In my podcast A Smaller Life, I talk to makers and business owners in my industry (and sometimes beyond) about making conscious choices and growing your brand by actually going smaller.

Sarah Swanky Emu Knits 

In this episode, you’ll hear from Sarah Krentz knitting pattern designer @ Swanky Emu Knits. Sarah says; "Everyone deserves to wear something that is both tailored to their shape and that makes them look and feel amazing."

Sarah creates size-inclusive instructions to ensure her patterns work effortlessly for absolutely every body size and shape, no matter what. No need to learn pattern grading to knit a perfectly-fitting garment every time.


This means, following a pattern without breaking your brain and a project that fits!


I. Love. It.

    The SingulariTee

She explains how she developed a way to give the math she used to knit to fit to her and her wife's body to other knitters. She now also teaches this spreadsheet pattern technique to other designers.


Want to know more, listen to the episode wherever you listen to your podcasts or here on this page and find out where that name came from...


This is where you’ll find Sarah

Website: www.swankyemuknits.com

Instagram: @swankyemuknits


Sarah mentions she learned better pattern layouts from https://erineendesigns.com/.





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