#51 - New Year's Shortie Episode - taking the JWC pledge

In this episode I talk about the Ja Wol Community pledge that has been spontaneously started by our member Kathleen. 

I jumped on her idea and we had a launch party in the community and made it happen. 

In the episode I share my personal pledge and invite you to join us to see how you can make the curating and creating of your wardrobe in 2023 fun and meaningful.



Editing the episode myself this time, the sound can be a bit wonky.

A new way of curating and creating our clothes.
Start your journey to a more intentional closet TODAY! 
Because that is the only way that we can keep the change part of our lives and ELIMINATE FAST FASHION!





  1. Setting up boundaries and 'rules' can be freeing

  2. Connecting to others that are going through the same process is super valuable, you'll get so many unexpected insights

  3. A nailpolish swap is a great idea!



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