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As you might have heard in the last episode I did with my friend Zoe Edwards, A Smaller Life is evolving into a podcast that is similar but a bit different. I was always talking to and with crafters and business owners in the field, from now on I will focus more on providing business owners in the needlecraft industry with practical business insights and actionable tips to help you get out of the pull of the day-to-day swamp. 

It will however still be interesting for crafters to see behind the curtains of businesses like yours. And I'm hoping that both crafters and business owners will send me voice messages ☞ and emails with their ideas and questions. So I can make my episodes even more to the point and helpful. 

So... here we go:

Welcome to Pattern Shift, the show that supports value-driven small business owners in the fiber- and needlecraft industry. I'm your host, Saskia de Feijter. Together, we'll explore how to set up and organise our businesses for growth and personal well-being, organising and moving forward consciously so you can overcome the day-to-day swamp and rise up and grow your business according to YOUR needs and values.

Imagine this...

Are you a business owner or just passionate about sewing, crocheting, or knitting? Have you ever wondered what would happen if everyone focused on crafting the clothes and accessories they actually need, rather than blindly following the latest trends? The fashion industry is notorious for its negative impact on the environment and ethical concerns. 

By making our own clothes and spending our free time productively, we can create a positive change. However, to do this effectively, we need businesses that provide us with quality materials. That's where you come in as a conscious business owner, dedicated to creating and curating in a more sustainable way.


You can make a difference 

I understand that, as a business owner driven by passion, you may not have a formal education in business. Terms like marketing, branding, and selling might feel overwhelming. It can be challenging to rise above the daily tasks and focus on the actions that will help your business grow and become more visible, viable, and sustainable—for yourself and your family.

I've been in your shoes. Five years ago, I was running my own shop, selling and dyeing yarn, and teaching, but I struggled to find time for the growth aspects of my business. I'm a trained marketer and photographer, and everything else I've learned on the job. I have a family, three chickens, two cats, chronic illnesses, and a neurodiverse brain. Through experiences like heart surgery and the impact of COVID, I realised that there are many business owners facing similar challenges. That's when I decided to use my time and talents to help them and transform my business routine into something fun, manageable, and still conducive to growth.


I can help

I took the opportunity to fill in knowledge gaps, learning about fair pricing, ethical marketing, branding, and building a business that contributes to positive change in the world. Now, I'm dedicating my time to supporting overwhelmed small business owners like you, so you can feel less intimidated by these terms, learn about them, and even begin to enjoy implementing them.

Pattern Shift is here to guide you towards becoming a part of a solid and fair industry, where you can have fun while making a difference. Join me every other week, starting from June 9th, as I dive deep into topics that can help you set up and organize your business for growth and personal well-being.

If you have any struggles or questions, I encourage you to send me a voice message via PATTERNSHIFT.FM. I'll address them in future episodes, providing answers and insights to support you on your journey.

Before we begin, I want to remind you to sign up for our email list to receive valuable business insights and actionable tips. You can find the sign-up link in the show notes or visit PATTERNSHIFT.FM and click on the top right button on the homepage.

I look forward to embarking on this journey with you.

Remember, every stitch counts as we work together and create a PATTERN SHIFT for you, your business, the crafters and the fashion industry. 


You can find Pattern Shift now via PatternShift.fm 

Questions? email me at hello@patternshift.fm , leave a voice message by clicking the button on the right, or just leave a message below. 

Thank you for checkin in, I'm so excited to start making my podcast even more helpful for you! 

x Saskia

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