#84 - Learning by Doing: Insights and Stories from Textile Entrepreneurs at Berlin's Wedding Wool Weekend


Episode idea, production, artwork, interviews and edited by Saskia de Feijter

Episode Assistant (mental support) 🤪  Angela Wiggers

Music by Jonathan Boyle

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From Friday 30th of May until Sunday May 2nd I was in Berlin with my friend Angela, visiting the Wedding Wool Weekend. A weekend of great quality and taste revolving around yarn, knitting, design and community. It had been 6 years since my last international Yarn Festival and I was equally nervous and excited to meet old friends and make new ones.

This weekend provided me with the perfect opportunity to give an overview of what it’s like running a business in this industry.

I asked 10 business owners the same(ish) questions:

  1. Did you get a business education before you started this business?
  2. If you run into problems or need to learn things you weren’t taught, what do you do?
  3. Is this your full-time job?
  4. Do you rely on your income?

The answers to these questions give insight in the reality of running your dream business. And it shows other business owners that you are not the only one struggling with the same things.

We reach out for community but in every day life it’s not always easy to find, it’s what I needed as a business owner myself and I have since build a platform and a community to do just that, connect business owners to each other and provide them with support where they need it.

 Cinthia's Critters picture Angela Wiggers


  1. Starting as Solopreneurs vs. Duos: Many businesses start with either one person or as a duo. Those starting alone often realize the need to delegate tasks as the business grows, while duos benefit from having complementary skills from the start.
  2. Product Development Strategy: Businesses are advised to focus on one thing at a time, test it, and only move on to the next product or idea once the first has been proven successful. This approach helps avoid spreading resources too thin.
  3. Challenges with Self-Promotion: Self-promotion, especially through social media, is recognized as a significant challenge for business owners. It requires time, skills, and consistency, often feeling like a full-time job on its own.
  4. Reliance on Community Support: Business owners frequently turn to their industry community for advice, information, and support. This community connection is invaluable for learning and problem-solving.
  5. Balancing Creativity and Business: There's a tension between the creative aspect of the business and the business management tasks. Many business owners struggle to find time for both, especially as the business grows.
  6. Learning from Others: Business owners often learn new skills and information by talking to others in the industry, whether through formal education, networking events, or informal conversations.
  7. Navigating Legal and Regulatory Matters: While Google is a common resource for legal and regulatory information, community connections can also provide valuable insights and guidance in navigating these areas.

Overall, the interviews shed light on the multifaceted nature of running a business in the fiber arts industry and the importance of community, strategy, and adaptation in overcoming challenges and achieving success.


  • Maaike van Geijn - Breielaar: "My work is quite graphic, and it has like a classical base, but with a modern twist."
  • Cinthia - From Cynthia: "They -her knitted animals- really become part of the families once they're done. There is something magical that happens."
  • Melinda - Samelin Dyeworks: "It's very difficult. Taking photos, doing social media, ordering, that's hard work."
  • Silke Funk - Funk Fibre: "I like to play with colour when I dye yarn, and I like to play with colour when I knit yarn."
  • Nora - Kiez Garn: "I wish I could spend all my time being creative, but... there's not that much time for that."
  • Jule(s) - Hey Mama Wolf: "Hey Mama Wolf started with a German wool that I dyed with plant dyes... some of the yarns -now that the brand is bought by a larger corporation- are still plant dyed."

I gave my mic eyes so she would not be too scary...


[00:00:00] Intro

[00:05:39] Saskia @ Ovis Et Cetera

[00:07:31] Anna @ Wundersie

[00:09:21] Soraya (Sori) @ Yedra Knit

[00:14:34] Stefania + Giulia @ Lanivendole

[00:19:04] Maake van Geijn @ Breielaar

[00:24:56] Cinthia @ From Cinthia

[00:32:28] Melinda @ Samelin Dyeworks

[00:35:04] Silke @ Funk Fibre

[00:37:19] Nora @ Kiez Garn

[00:41:28] Jule @ Hey Mama Wolf

[00:48:57] Conclusion & Overview



If you want to promote your business any time, any where and quickly, make sure you have a slogan / pay off / one liner that you can immediately communicate.

I do/make/sell ...... (make it specific) to .......(type of customer) so that they ....... (something specific that describes the customer's needs or even struggles and how you help them with it.)

Hand the interviewer or the interested party your business card or ask theirs. Get connected. 

Make sure you have a website and a newsletter you can direct your customers to. Instagram is not yours, it's scary to think your your full business communication set up can crash when all you have is instagram. 

Get connected to your peers, build lasting connections so you don't have to re-invent the wheel. Someone has likely already struggled with - and solved- the same thing!

Check out our Business Circle and online community and don't forget to sign up for our mails! 



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Episode idea, production, artwork, interviews and edited by Saskia de Feijter

Episode Assistant, photographer and mental support: Angela Wiggers

Music by Jonathan Boyle

Webpage Design Saskia de Feijter


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