#86 - From Full InstaGram Breakup to Reconnection - Pt 2. The Execution

Throughout this episode, I delve into my experience with Instagram as a marketing tool for my textile and crafts business. I confront the common belief that success on Instagram is measured by the number of followers, firmly asserting that the true value lies in cultivating authentic connections and engaging in meaningful conversations.

Over the past six months, I've observed that my minimalist approach to Instagram has led to 10 new email subscribers and over 200 followers. However, I emphasize that followers aren't equivalent to potential customers. People who subscribe to your email list show a deeper interest in your content, and are more likely to become customers.

I also discuss my struggle with Instagram's addictive nature and confess how I've often found myself mindlessly scrolling through the app. To curb this habit, I plan to use a screen time app to limit my usage and consider taking breaks from Instagram during the summer and winter periods.

Moving forward, I'm eager to explore other platforms, specifically Pinterest, as part of my marketing strategy. I believe that diversifying my marketing efforts across different platforms, both online and in real life, will yield more fruitful results.


  1. Success on Instagram is not about having thousands of followers, but creating meaningful connections.
  2. Email subscribers, who show deeper interest, are more likely to become customers.
  3. Limiting screen time on Instagram can curb its addictive nature.
  4. Regular breaks from Instagram can be beneficial.
  5. Exploring other platforms, like Pinterest, can diversify marketing strategies.




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